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MDW is establishing in Spain

Welcome to Spain. Our Swiss Data & AI consulting firm, born in March 2020, in the midst of the economic crisis, is in full growth! MDW Partners are making the prowess of opening their first international branch, less than a year after their opening. Staffed by ten employees, all passionate about data, they are dealing with many prestigious brands, active in the manufacturing, banking, insurance, trade or luxury goods sectors. Now also based in Madrid, the data artists are currently gathering the best Spanish Data enthusiasts to offer the most of data, AI and cloud solutions internationally. What secrets lie behind this fast expansion?

Business Analytics, Cloud Data Platform, Artificial Intelligence... There is indeed a link between all these services: a deep desire to drive more performance in MDW client's business. For the company, the challenge was clear from the outset: finding the key to transform the digital consulting business into increasingly strategic topics. There is an utmost condition for that: building a strong relationship with the client, based on trust. So, this decision to open a branch in Spain? It was their client’s needs that demanded it.

Head in the Cloud, foot in Spain

In Madrid, MDW will firstly address the Spanish subsidiaries of its existing clients, international companies and institutions with a Swiss headquarter, and particularly the non-governmental organization sector. "Establishing a presence in Spain allows us to export our know-how closest to our clients by recruiting particularly qualified profiles, trained in polytechnic schools recognized for their curricula and skills in terms of data and artificial intelligence", explains Maxime Gouffé, founder and CEO. The opening of this branch thus enables the company to broaden its offer, with the recruitment of employees specialized in cutting-edge fields, including AI. The Madrid team should consist of around ten employees by the end of 2021.

“Our goal is to continue providing reliable cloud data solutions to our national and international customers, expanding our offer towards AI and IoT by selecting the most qualified profiles while keeping the innovation present in our DNA.“

Eric Martin, AI Director at MDW

MDW: a golden partner for growth

In the last few years, - and quickly, these last months, - many sectors have realized that the Cloud should be a priority.

"MDW have already been able to start our first data & AI projects in Spain. I truly believe that the combination of our data and AI skills and our international presence will allow us to new innovative services.”

Maxime Gouffé, CEO at MDW

MDW set itself the main mission to help every sector to make data their best ally in the development of their business, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. From the beginning, the founders relied on the best Cloud partner: Microsoft Azure. After less than a year, MDW has been already awarded four Gold Microsoft certifications (Gold Application Integration, Gold Data Analytics, Gold Data Platform, Gold Cloud Platform). An important recognition for MDW. Creating and deploying renowned solutions and participating in boosting the business of its customers through IT innovation is quite an adventure. And exporting this expertise to Spain is another exciting step.


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