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Data communication through PowerBI and PowerAutomate

📅02nd June 2022 - from 10 AM to 11 AM CEST

Nowadays data analysis and reporting are crucial pillars upon which the control of any organization relies, and Power BI is one of the most powerful tools for it. However, focused as we are on the path from data to insight, we might be misled to believe all is said and done when reaching our sought-after conclusions.

Insight without Action becomes is left full of potential but devoid of effect, thus requiring us to pave the way for its influence to affect our processes. And as in any shared human effort, the key is Communication.

We will see how Communication plays part in several stages of the Data to Action path, providing different groups with the necessary tools to do their job in this process:

  • Define your data audiences and consumers and see how reporting can help them and which role they have in the data flow of your organization

  • Empower your report communication from development to operations with Teams, Power Automate and more

  • Optimize your Data to Action time

  • And more! 

MDW is a Microsoft Partner of the Year in Analytics & AI. We have developed projects optimizing reporting from several approaches and want to share with you how you can benefit from defining data communication process in your organization.


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