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Copilot Studio in a Day

📅 Thursday, July 18 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Microsoft Copilot is a next-generation conversational assistant that uses generative AI to create personalized and responsive interactions for your customers and employees. This beginner-level training is designed for everyone, allowing you to learn how to respond rapidly to your customers and employees at scale using these advanced conversational assistants. Whether you are a business expert or an IT developer, you will learn to develop copilots quickly in just one day using Microsoft Copilot Studio.

This session aims to help you understand how to build modern copilot experiences for any scenario or use case through hands-on, step-by-step lab exercises. If you are evaluating its ability to meet organizational requirements for conversational AI or if you want to discover how this session can help increase your productivity, this is the workshop for you. By the end of the day, participants will have a better understanding of the following procedures:

  • Easily create your own copilots.

  • Take action quickly with seamless integrations.

  • Build copilots using generative AI and specific responses for personalized conversations.

MDW, Microsoft Partner of the Year Switzerland 2023, is proud to collaborate with Microsoft to provide this workshop. Do not miss this unique opportunity to enhance your skills in conversational AI and discover the full potential of Microsoft Copilot Studio for your business. We hope to see many of you there!


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