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27.04 - Power BI: Dashboard In A Day

In the modern BI world, data preparation is considered the most difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task, estimated by experts as taking 60%-80% of the time and cost of a typical analytics project.

Some of the challenges in those projects include fragmented and incomplete data, complex system integration, business data without any structural consistency, and of course, a high skillset barrier. Specialized expertise, typically reserved for data warehousing professionals, is often required. Such advanced skills are rare and expensive.

Using Power BI data preparation capabilities many of these challenges can be answered.

Microsoft training: Advanced Data Shaping with Power BI is designed to simplify and accelerate your journey towards using Power BI data preparation module.

MDW, Microsoft Partner of the year 2021 in Analytics and AI accompanies you in the realization of end-to-end solutions involving the ingestion, consolidation and analysis of data to process the business intelligence uses cases of your company.

This workshop is designed for Business analysts and BI professionals, Analytics and business information practitioners, analytics and business information program leaders, Data engineers and data scientists.

Join our webinar on April, 27th 2022, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, (GMT+01:00)


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