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05.10 - Lausanne, Power BI User Group Meetup

Dear data rock stars,

We are very looking forward to inviting all of you to our next meetup. This time we will be able to catch up all together in the same room, we are very happy to provide this news (stay connected to find out about the exact location).

Let's get together and start building the Power BI community we have all been waiting for :).

* * * It is a public/free event and the sessions will be help in English. Beginners, experts, explorers, students, young professionals, seniors, entrepreneurs; every curious mind is welcome to join * * *

We encourage you to be active and collaborate in the sessions and discussions. Please, share your topic ideas with us, what do you want to hear about on the next meet-up?

Want to be a presenter? Share your experiences with Power BI and show us your story in future events by simply sending me a message.


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