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Document Process Automation

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The need

Analyze thousands of documents and identify anomaliesthat could represent significant costs or risks.

Ensure accurate analysis of documents to avoid missing potential cost savings or risks.

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks that are time consuming and error prone.

Being able to detect missing or incorrect information.

Organize information using the company's pre-established terminology.

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The solution

Create an application that automatically extracts all the content of an invoice: service, address, names, customer, dates, items.

Analyze all the items to find the anomalies (the things that the insurance company does not cover).

Easily sort, search and review these invoices and the anomalies in them.

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Recover money from invoices with anomalies.

Ability to perform advanced searches of invoices based on anomalies they contain.

Extract strategic KPIs from dozens of thousands of documents.


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