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Advanced social media analytics

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The need

Measure the impact of global marketing efforts on business outcomes.

Get concrete insights about users expectations and opinions. 

Optimize campaigns identifying when, where and how much to invest.

Identify the real targeted audience.

Measure the correlation between a specific investment and a result.

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The solution

Set of executive dashboards through a storytelling design.

Monitoring of product insights and users reactions, in all languages

Traffic process analysis  to the website using KPI´s: CTR, Engagement%, cost per session, store locator visits over total, etc.

Sector analysis: by goal, market and target.

Icone_ROI Glow.png


Increased digital marketing ROI

Improved campaign performance through targeting and optimization

Enhanced audience insights for future marketing strategies

Daily investment monitoring for greater control and flexibility

Improved understanding of target audience for effective investment

Better differentiation between users and customers for targeted marketing


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